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 I SABI, is an organization aimed at harnessing, exploring and showcasing the innate creativity and rich culture of the oil rich Niger Delta region. It is an organization which seeks to draw the focus away from Oil, Politics, Militancy, Cultism, Kidnapping etc. into innovations in arts, science and technology. I SABI is a platform designed to educate the youths of the NigerDelta region on creative and peaceful ways to express themselves as a people.

The competition would have the competitors sing with English, Pidgin and their various native languages (all in the NigerDelta). They would be auditioned and a State Winner will emerge, The Winners would then compete for the Grand Finale.

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  • Promoting the arts and crafts of the people of the Niger Delta
  • Reaching Out to the youths and bringing them to limelight
  • To encourage social and economic change
  • Reduce the mentality on dependence on Oil
  • Stop Violence tendency among the youths
  • Give Opportunity to upcoming artist to showcase their talent

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